how to create a beautiful space

This is a follow on from my last entry. It’s one of my little steps to happiness I implemented to help improve my mood and head me towards happiness rather than sadness. As said previously, I’m not saying that doing something like buying a bunch of flowers for yourself or getting a personal phone can cure depression or greatly lift your spirits if you are in the dumps. But for the most part, being nice to yourself in little ways, each and every day will definitely have a profound impact on your mood.

creating a beautiful space | pilatesevolutionnow.comI just want to start by thanking everyone for two things. The first is for your seriously kind words sent to me after reading my last post. The second is to the people who recognised they were in the same boat and realised shit has to change. That’s the first step baby! How exciting is that!

So to recap to my last post. 11.30pm, last Monday evening, sitting in bed all teary. Looking around my room, tissues filled with tears were everywhere, among the mass of other crap that seemed to fill my room. Isn’t it funny when your head becomes a mess it seems everything else in your life does as well? I had piles of freshly washed and folded clothes that I couldn’t be bothered to put away. Empty packets for things like stockings and tags ripped off new garments, just strewn across the floor.

I won’t go into detail but every part of my life and area I live in, like my room and my car was a fucking mess. I would browse Instagram and Pinterest and curse these people for their beautiful sacred spaces they had created that looked like they carried so much meaning and beauty. I wish my life could look as beautiful as that. As I said previously, having pretty things in your life won’t cure anyone of strong and sad feelings they might have, but creating a space that was purely yours, filled with things you love, I believe is a little simple step to happiness.

So what urked me the most? The thing that shitted me off and had to be changed?! My bedside table. I knew it was the first thing that had to be fixed. I had to create my own beautiful space. The universe was calling me. It’s the first thing I see as I walked into my room, the last thing at night and the first thing in the morning. I deemed it to have some level of importance.

How nice would it be when things were crappy and you were feeling a little teary, to have a space that had everything on it that made you happy and made you smile?

how to create a beautiful space |

how to create a beautiful space |

1 |

Get rid of shit that no longer serves you. It’s as simple as that. I had collected things like receipts from my handbags, jewellery that I don’t plan on wearing anytime soon and a couple of mugs of half drunk tea. Think about it, the type of stuff you see here right now, do you think it will create happiness and butterflies in your stomach when you wake? If it doesn’t, bin that shit or at least move it somewhere more appropriate.

2 | source

Find things that make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. It can be anything. Anything that has sentimental value or even something you look at that is so luxurious it just makes you feel like some damn expensive woman. Think flowers and pretty perfume bottles, candles that bring you back to times in your life you reminisce about.

3 |  arrange

Place things in an arrangement that works for you. I have a cat, so I had to be a bit limited as Gouda thinks it’s his space, not mine.

4 | appreciate

When you have decided on things that make you smile and you hold close to your heart, stop for a while, take time to appreciate all the beauty that you have managed to bring into your life. How easy was that! And I bet if you were feeling a bit less than ordinary that you didn’t even think about the initial thing bothering you. I know I didn’t.


The above picture is my beautiful space filled with things I love from people I love. Luxurious things that make me feel a little warm and fuzzy inside. Things that make me reminisce and think about my childhood and people who have touched my life. Everytime I see that picture I took I can’t help but smile. And there we have it, creating your own space, just a little step towards happiness you can start today.




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  1. Love it Peta, Congratulations on de-cluttering and re-beautifying. it’s very therapeutic.Glad to hear you’re feeling better from it. xx

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