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After a pretty hectic day of spreading the good word of Juice Plus, mum and I were stuffed, famished and looking for something a little naughty. Good combination. Especially when you have a bounty of food in the house with endless possibilities to create something that tastes amazing. Something that resembles ice cream but healthy enough to call dinner.

Basically, I am an ice-cream nut. I LOVE ice-cream. But I am also an ice-cream snob. As ice-cream is one of the most calorific things you can have, I advise to pick a brand you love so that you really enjoy the experience. My personal favourite is pistachio gelato or anything vanilla bean. But of course, when you are eating healthy to work towards your body goals, stuffing your face with pistachio gelato really isn’t the best idea. So you improvise…

Here is my favourite protein shake I modified. I am using the Vitamix now and I LOVE it. The measurements below are just estimates. I find that sometimes I have to add a bit more almond milk to get a runnier consistency so it’s still sip-able through a straw. If you are lucky to have a Vitamix, expect this in your belly in about 2 minutes from the time you start making it. Super fast, super delicious.

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