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Okay. Today has been great. I woke up and felt ho-hum. I thought fuck this attitude so I put on my shorts, my boots, my attitude and of course the rest of the ensemble. I am quite sure the bare chest would have caused a little bit of a stir in Newcastle town. ANYWAY. Anthony Robbins always goes on about acting how you want to be. So I was. I wanted to be some super hot power bitch. It didn’t start off at first. My feet hurt from that whole new shoe teething thing and then my shorts kept riding up my tooshy. I couldn’t be bothered with the rest of the morning rituals as well such as breakfast, but sometimes as an adult that knows well, you suck it up and do it. I knew it was going to do me good. Mum and I were headed for Newcastle and all I was looking forward to was a super straight blowdry at Suki as I am currently unable to wash my own hair (still feeling a bit restricted in the arm region from the operation). So after that and a lovely lunch at Estabar, we went to fix the crisis that is my work phone. Sigh. Don’t you love when technology hates you? It hates me. I really don’t know why, maybe it needs more hugs. To cut it short I came home with a SEXY iPhone and I am the happiest girl in the world! Thank you, thank you!!

Today said yes in every single way. So many good things happened. They can for you too. Lets end 2011 with a smile on our dial. If you do good, know why you should feel good and are good and most importantly, smile. It WILL become second nature. This is how I bounce back from crap quickly.

I got a great deal on my phone
I got an even greater discount from the manager at Mac with a couple goodies
Lovely meal with friends and family to end the day
Oh and I got numbers. Ooo-err :-P

YAY! iPhone. I am so excited to get rid of the others and have the baby I coveted!

Just pleased Peta and her sexy little iPhone!

Me, right now, kinda tired. Can ya tell? Coming from my place of yes. Happy happy day. The first of many


Okay so where is the blog going for 2012 you ask?

Basically. You will be with me the whole way of developing my brand. I also want to end with a quote. A quote I love, to inspire! We will be taking our DVDs across NSW, the country and oh yeah… AMERICA! So if you are in America, make contact now! Lets compare rollovers and discuss all things nitty-gritty Pilates!


“The business of being happy requires making a conscious choice. People think being happy will just happen to them someday, if only they do this or that right. But it doesn’t – you have to choose it. You choose happiness, you don’t wait for it to choose you.”
― Bethenny FrankelA Place of Yes