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I released my first DVD this weekend. It still feels a little odd saying that. What did I do to celebrate you ask? Well, I bought a Megan Gale bikini and made pancakes. Seems a little odd. One doesn’t really think of pancakes and bikinis together. Unless you are me. Pears are super cheap at the moment and I am all for cooking using seasonal produce and at 1.82 per kilo, you can’t beat pears right now.

I looked at a few recipes and found one that looked pretty good. Of course though, I had to tweak. I was having this conversation with Jessamyn the other day. It’s impossible for me to go out and not change something on the menu. Seriously. I ordered a mocha while we were out and to that I added “Oh, and can it not be too sweet, well, too chocolately, more say… coffee than sweet… if that makes sense?!”. If you are shaking your head because you work in hospitality, oh I understand, I have had my waitress days and honestly, I appreciate picky people. Picky people to me, seem to care about their food, they don’t just chug it down without thinking. I love food. I love savouring the taste which is why I believe I am so picky, I really want to enjoy the experience. Which is why I spent about 2 hours last night researching pancakes… anyway here we go…

Ricotta Buckwheat Pancakes with Cinnamon Maple Ricotta and Sautéed Pears
Serves two hungry ladies. I loosely followed this recipe

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