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There are so many amazing products to buy out there and I can understand how overwhelming it can be to walk into a supermarket and wonder which one is the best to buy. So here we go, some of my favourite buys that always make their way into my shopping trolley. Some are brands I love and some are just things I always need to have, such as eggs. Oh, and no, I don’t work for any of the companies below or am paid to endorse them as I am not that famous (…yet… ha ha). But in all seriousness they rock my little Pilates socks off!

1. Nettle Tea

Planet Organic Nettle Tea

You can get this from most supermarkets as well as your local natural or organic store. Nettle tea is great for cleansing so basically it makes you poop. It is also good for asthma sufferers and is great for an all natural supplement to add to your detox as trust me… this cleanses! Oh and when I mean cleanses I am not talking about those awful diets that literally have you running to the toilet, you will actually poop!
2. Nut Milk

Nut milk is my saviour! You can get all different types of nut milk (as well as making it yourself!) but the most common type is almond which is now available at my local woolies! Nut milk is basically nuts that have been soaked and then blitzed with water and a sweetener, usually dates or agave and then some oil is usually added. I love hazelnut milk with anything chocolate (can you say Fererro Rocher?!) or almond milk is always a winner as almonds helps to alkanalise the body and almonds are great for muscle repair so its good to add to a protein shake.

3. Oob Organic Frozen Blueberries

These are GREAT! A big bag of ORGANIC blueberries for 8.99!?!? Insane. They are so so lush and taste exactly like blueberries and not like big balls of blue goop which some frozen fruit can taste like. They are fabulous to add to protein shakes, eat on their own, heat up and stew with rhubarb, add or yoghurt or heat up and have on banana bread. Obviously they are frozen so it also means they will never go off and will have leave you thinking “I wonder if these are okay to eat…”.

4. Green and Blacks 85% Dark Chocolate

Green & Black’s Organic 85% Dark Chocolate

The whole block has only 3 teaspoons of sugar! Crazy. It’s also organic meaning that all of the ingredients in the chocolate have to be of a certain standard that cannot be chemically treated and have to live up to the standards that al organic food has. It took me a while to get restrained with having chocolate in the house and I really think Juice Plus helped a lot with my cravings but now I am fine to have it and know I won’t chow a block down in a sitting. After 2 pieces I am instantly satisfied as it tastes soooo chocolately, as that’s possible… chocolate that tastes like chocolate.

5. Natvia

Natvia 100% Natural sweetener

Natvia is my sweet saviour in the kitchen. When I am peckish having a lovely herbal tea sweetened with Natvia to instantly kill those sweet cravings. I now use Natvia when stewing rhubarb and now have started using it in baking in replacement of sugar. Natvia is made from stevia which is NATURAL, not a chemical! It doesn’t cause the same effects on the body that sugar does such as the lovely cravings and awful headaches which I used to suffer from. It also has no nasty effects like chemical sweeteners has… such as a laxative effect. Nice!

6. Eggs

You were expecting it, weren’t you? Eggs. Eggs make a quick and easy meal and an easy way to get protein in, which a lot of us struggle with. Poach, scramble or make a frittata, the possibilities of the little egg are endless. If you are too tired how easy it is to crack an egg in a pan and have it with a couple of leftover vegetables in the fridge for a meal! How easy is that.

7. Ricotta Cheese

I don’t have a lot of dairy in my diet at all but ricotta is always a star. I love how versatile it is and the fact it can be used in both sweet and savoury recipes. It has a good protein content making it a good choice to add for vegetarian meals. You can add it to frittata or make yummy cheesecakes out of it such as this one above which you can find the recipe for here!

8. Coconut Oil

Natvitas Natural Coconut Oil

Last but certainly not least I always need coconut oil. Coconut oil has many amazing benefits that include being a great moisturiser and masque for hair and skin. It is great for using it in high cooking due to the high smoking point. It has many amazing health benefits as well which include being great for people wanting to lose weight, its anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and has a whole plethora of other benefits. Contrary to popular believe it does NOT make you fat and will not clog your arteries. However it’s not as if you just sit there with a spoon sipping it out of the jar. Make sure you get virgin or extra virgin coconut oil too. I use this in roasting my vegetables and cooking my haloumi in. Delicious! Available from all good health food stores and organic stores.