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I just released my first Pilates DVD last Friday that is a full body stretch sequence for beginner and advanced viewers. It sparked a bit of debate…

I often get asked why did I choose to do a stretching routine for my first project over a Pilates workout or toning related DVD. People often look at me with a vague look on their face trying to understand the importance of flexibility as obviously having a tight little butt ranks higher on the desires list than full body flexibility ever will. Although having a tight tooshy is obviously aesthetically pleasing, I don’t think people realise the need for full body flexibility and why we need to stretch and how not stretching can stop your journey on the land to the tight little butt (more of this later on). When I thought about this DVD I thought about my clients and what they needed, the first thing that came to mind was flexibility. Basically, the majority of people’s flexibility sucks. No sugar coating right there. But they don’t stretch so honestly, I’m not surprised. You can’t expect to pick up a microphone and belt like a tune like Beyonce if you don’t practice so they same goes for stretching.

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Okay. So you have waited a long time for this and being the amazing little tease that I am, I have worked up a bit of excitement in relation to the release of this clip! So here we go! A teaser of my baby that is about to be released!

For more information on release, wholesale enquires and anything else please contact us at

I am SO excited to share my methods with you!!! We will have two DVD released – beginner and advanced! Beginner is great for the majority of people. The DVD will get you with your hands flat on the floor if you were to bend over the legs so its great for those people that are a little challenged with hamstring length!. The DVD will also work you towards your splits! Advanced is a great sequence for the fact it also works you out! It will get you into your splits and is great workout for the Pilates enthusiast, Dancer or someone who is looking for a fun-filled workout to get them nice and flexy! The workout incorperates a beautiful flowing sequence that centres the mind and body at the same time!

So enjoy the teaser!!! I cannot wait until March!