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Today has been mammoth. Almost the size of my boobs (attempted bad joke). I received the teaser clip for the Pilates DVD and I am SO excited to share it with you. SO excited! It is going to be HUGE! We have to wait a little bit though to iron out some creases before the teaser is released. Which is good for you as I KNOW you will be begging for it to be released as this teaser even makes me excited!

The DVD’s comes out in March. We will be at the Fitness Expo in Sydney in April so if you will be there come along and say hi as I would love to meet you and discuss the products. Andddd we are taking our product to AMERICA this year! I am so excited to share my stretch method with the world. A big thank you to Polestar Australia for teaching me how to become the best Pilates Instructor I can be and an even bigger thank you to my faithful clients for making me the most passionate instructor I can be. Here is a little quick screen shot… A teaser of a teaser… I’m, naughty, I know ha ha.

We had a bit of a situation before. Which has bought up a bit of ‘noise’ that has been flying around in my head lately. Age noise.

How often has a situation come up in your life where someone has used your age, almost to attack you? This really annoys me. I remember when I started my business, I told everyone I was about 27. I was 20. I knew that I would not appear credible at all if they thought I was some 20-year-old just starting Pilates classes out on my own. Even though I had been doing Pilates since I was 15, so with 5 years of practice up my sleeve, a great resume of studios I had worked at. I still kept thinking, ‘Okay they are going to look at me and walk out’. So did I get asked my age? Heaps. Did I lie? Of course. Did it help? Well, to be honest I don’t quite know. I have always had a stable client base. If they leave, they always come back and we are getting to the point where our class spaces are so full the diary looks like everyone has been packed in like sardines. I would always tell myself though that age doesn’t matter, but in a lot of peoples eyes, it does. I think what kept them there was my passion. The passion I have that I CAN change their body if they want. Whatever they want, I will always deliver and give as much as I possibly can to get them where they want to be.

I had the same thoughts with the DVD. The same age noise as with the business but again I went into it with the same passion as when I opened my business. Will people think I am credible? Will they buy my DVD that a 23-year-old produced? Will they even care when they find out my age? And then I just realised it is noise. At the end of the day. If you have to justify yourself to someone because of a stupid number they are not worth knowing.

A lovely and wise Pilates associate, Sarah, said to me you can spot passion a mile away. Always remember this, as often I forget. Passion gets you far. Age does not. This call before made me rather upset as my age got bought up. “You know, she is ONLY young and quite inconsiderate of others, because of her age she really is only in it for the money”. So what did I do? I cried. It hurt me a lot. I am okay now though. But I am acting like an adult in this situation. A classy adult. Class is also something that isn’t age related. You either have it or you don’t. So how am I solving this situation? With a letter. For me, there is something so classy about a letter. I am so thankful for my upbringing in the professional world of advertising and would remember as a little girl, my father would send out letter after letter with a funsize PICNIC bar inside, the name of his company. A letter is so professional but also personalised and always reminds me of those moments as a child – I was stealing the PICNIC’s at the time however and not really worrying about the professionalism the PICNIC had attached to it. I hate loose ends and I hate burnt bridges. Sometimes a phone call just doesn’t cut it and neither does a text or an email. A letter for me, is the one of the most personalised forms of communication that is becoming quickly outdated. So here I am, blogging and writing a letter…

But right now, please remember, in times when you are having a complete high and something stupid brings you down. Remember what got you there, passion. Remember when people bring you down for reasons that are completely irrelevant, they just have no class. You do. So please, hold your head high and remember that you have class on your side and passion in your pocket.

For a random finish to the blog. Another reader said to me the other day the only thing I don’t blog about is sex. So here we go. Some wise words. Not exactly by me but they might as well be as I could see that easily coming out of my mouth.