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I have to apologise for being a bit slack lately in regards to my lack of blogging. I am excited to say that the DVD’s are well underway and I have finished the voiceovers for the beginner DVD which is quite exciting. We are also planning a nutrition event in the studio which I am hosting and have been working on that. If you are living locally in the Hunter Valley region feel free to come along. It’s a free event and will be a great talk on health and nutrition followed by eating well for beauty which will be hosted by me!

Speaking of local events, I am excited to say that I am going to start and add a bit of structure to my blog posts, blogging about all things local on the weekends. This is great if you love a particular topic which I blog about meaning that every weekend you hop onto the blog and see what I have blogged about locally which is what I plan on doing. To make it even EASIER please hit the follow button to the right of your blog to have the blog post directly sent to your email! We are so lucky in the Hunter Valley to have access to some great cafes and restaurants. I am also quite fortunate to live around the corner from a Wholefood Cafe where there is an abundance of gluten-free options as well as food for vegetarians, vegans and raw foodies!

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