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This is the last part of my series. I plan on doing a follow-up in a couple of weeks as I have been inundated with emails asking questions on all things nutrition and exercise. If you have any questions, feel free to hit me a line here –, otherwise, let’s get into it!

Today in this post, I plan on talking all about mindset. I think with everything, where you are at mentally, is so important. Often I will be having a so-called ‘fat day’ and be bummed for the entire day, only to look back months later on pictures and think ‘what the ef was going through my head, I looked amazing’. How often does this happen to you? I bet more often than not. Lately, I’ve been putting some strategies into place in order to help change my mindset. I’ve also been counseling a couple of my clients on this and they have noticed how much it has helped them and in turn, by seeing their success, it’s motivating me to keep being positive. This also isn’t just for the pear-shaped ladies, it’s for everyone, men included (though I don’t know how many male readers I have on here!).

1. Replace negative words with positive ones
I couldn’t believe the power of this exercise, it really works. How this exercise works is you replace a negative word you constantly use to describe yourself, such as fat, stupid or untoned etc. Replace it with an uplifting word that immediately gets your attention if someone was to say it to you, such as pretty, beautiful, attractive. Whenever you go to use the negative word, immediately replace it with something that is uplifting. By doing this, 1. you are constantly giving yourself a positive affirmation and 2. by getting your attention, you become aware how many times a day you have been putting yourself down. So for me, when doing this exercise I would constantly call myself fat and I replaced this with beautiful. After the first day, I stopped counting after I hit 50. I had called myself beautiful over 50 times in one day. What! This is so crazy. If this was an average day, one where I wasn’t in a negative mood and I had mentally muttered to myself that I was fat, I couldn’t imagine how many times a day I would say it when I was feeling a little down in the dumps.
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I love books. I think they are great. I often joke I hate reading and screw my nose up at the thought of it, but I think sometimes I associate books with the awful novels they made you read at school for study that were clearly outdated.

I like specific kinds of books though, ones that help you and change your mindset, or of course have pictures of amazing food. But, they have to be a proper book. Tangible books where you can highlight the pages or feel the paper between your fingers and even hug! I don’t think I will ever get on the e-book bandwagon and although they are handy, I will always purchase a hardcopy over a kindle or PDF version.

I recently put an order into the other day to get some books for my health – both physical and mental. I purchased these books from recommendations from family and friends and look forward to reading them and sharing my opinion on each one to help inspire you to possibly pick up a book and make a change.

I purchased:

1. You Can Heal Your Life – Louise Hay
2. Live Raw – Mimi Kirk
3. Unlimited Power – Anthony Robbins
4. Awaken the Giant Within – Anthony Robbins
5. Superfoods – David Wolfe

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How do you intend to get the body you have always wanted? Do you go into every workout thinking that by doing this you are one step closer to your health and fitness goal? I guarantee if you see every workout as a step closer to achieving the perfect you, that you will put in more effort than a workout where you just show up and go through the motions.