Blog Structure?

I have been thinking lately. Thinking that I might start and structure my blog a little bit more. This thought came from browsing Sarah Wilson‘s blog who has Tuesday Eats. It got me thinking that maybe, it would be easier for me to have blog ‘inspiration’ if I were to talk about things on certain days… Though it will take a little time guys. We go back to the studio tomorrow and between that, we are creating another website, organising the DVD and staff training it is going to take me a while to designate days to different things. Some may suggest pulling things out of a hat. But, as I am a lover of alliteration, this is going to take some time and effort as I don’t want things to look like I just pulled them out of my ass (or a hat). So what it means, is every Monday head over to the blog to get the latest post on all things Pilates… (though it might not be Monday, I am teasing again, aren’t I?)

I received an influx of response from people who want to know about EVERYTHING related to health which has prompted me to blog more on it. Expect posts including:
- More on detoxing – the how, the to, the why
- Healthy recipes
- How to dry body brush
- Healthy products I love, etc

I want to get all my readers to be that in the know so you would all get an A+ if health was a subject! It seems that the most popular posts on this blog and questions I receive are always about weight loss. It is my goal this year to educate you all that it’s not about weight loss, weight loss is simple – go pee. It’s about being the healthiest you that you can be. There is only one you, so you need to look after that. In doing so guess what? You will get rewarded with the best possible body of your life! Your own Supermodel body.

I want a day where I JUST talk about Pilates too. This may be just reviewing products that I have tried, doing reviews on studios I have been to as well. It could also be talking about the different types of Pilates out there and basically anything that stems off Pilates. Like I have said before, if there is a product you want me to review or look into, contact me at I feel privileged to have worked with and know some amazing people in the Pilates community and cannot wait to come to America and share my Pilates journey with my faithful blog readers.

Oh and don’t worry. Of course I won’t stop my rants and raves about the poos and perks of my life. Funny enough, they are the highest ranking posts (after my boob job post pictures… I wonder why ha).

This weekend before my return to the studio has been quite relaxing and has seen me dining with friends, doodling and finding myself, once again in body+soul. I cannot believe how much my shape has changed by upping my Pilates practice and changing my diet! I feel so amazing now! A little flabby from not training for about 2 months but still, so much better! I think I had gotten into a habit of training way too hard for my body which it didn’t really like!

Thanks body+soul for featuring me yet again!
 What a healthy Sunday breakfast from Estabar! I did have eggs as well but this was the first course…
 My little doodle! I love to draw when I am bored. A page in my ‘happy book’

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