Day 2

Just thought I would give you a lowdown on how I am feeling and what I can and can’t do etc

I woke up this morning at 5am, so awake. I have basically been up the whole time since then with the occasional 10 minute snooze. It’s kind of annoying and I wonder why I am not more tired. The only thing I can put it down to is the Juice Plus has really boosted my energy up so I guess that it’s really helping to support me through this time. I really prepared a lot before this surgery to make sure I was going into it as healthy as I could possibly be.

Pain: I feel REALLY bruised. Oh my god does it hurt. Yeah, I’m on pain killers which are helping but think about the underwire of your bra, that’s basically where I am sore, all underneath and around my breasts. It’s just throbbing. Even to lightly touch it with my finger or when my arm brushes against it. It hurts so much to stand tall as well. The surgeon said because they don’t use drains the fluid starts to drop to your stomach so I am going to say that’s why I am so tender. I attempted to have a shower before but started shaking like anything and went to faint so I have no idea what that was about but I am really getting over the whole fainting thing. I think its due to my blood pressure its usually pretty high from stress but yesterday I was about 95/65 which is pretty low for me lately. Another downside to the whole being on antibiotics for so long is well, I don’t really want to go into it but if you’re a woman reading this who has been on antibiotics for a while before, you know the discomfort it causes downstairs. I can’t do anything for about a week either as that’s how long I have to stay on the meds for. Mum went and bought me a whole heap of probiotics so I really recommend loading up on these if you ever have to go in for surgery or need to go on antibiotics.

What I can and can’t do: To lift up a magazine is a fucking challenge! I am not even joking. This morning the waiter even offered to wheel a cart around the buffet for me to select what I want because I can hardly pick anything up. My arms are just SO sore, I need two hands to pick up a glass of water. I guess this will be down to the placement of the implant as I went half underneath the muscle so that is having to adjust. I can’t get dressed either by myself so there has been a lot of naked Peta around the hotel room. Bending over makes me want to hurl as it’s just compressing all the fluid and basically where I am getting the pain. I feel so fine mentally though. Despite being on so many drugs I am fine to have a conversation with, answer work emails and obviously blog. It’s just the breast pain that is really awful. Well, under breast pain. I still can’t feel my boobs at all. They are SO hot to touch which is a strange sensation. Almost like hot packs sitting on my chest. I don’t have any bruising as of yet. But I will keep you informed with that.

Some of you have been lucky enough to see some pictures. I am a bit reluctant to show people because of the swelling. I would say right now I would be a 10DD/E cup. Yep. So going from a small 10B to this is a bit frightening. Again though it’s all swelling. I have been assured to look at me I will look a C cup however I could be a 10D in some bras. The surgeon said, which I didn’t even think about but normal breast tissue is very squishy. Implants aren’t exactly hard but you can’t mould them to fit into a bra. The bra has to support, which makes sense. He said when the swelling goes down my cleavage will also come in about 1-2cm more so it’s why I am trying not to look as in a couple of weeks they will look completely different. I don’t know if I discussed this before but I had some asymmetry which he thinks he has completely corrected. This is normal as no one is perfectly symmetrical but I think I had a bit more than what I should have.

Anyway feel free to shoot me some questions. I think you can even comment anonymously. I don’t mind :-)

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